March Home Maintenance Checklist

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After a cold winter, it can be thrilling to see the temperatures climb just a bit higher. This might also get you thinking about your spring cleaning. While the weather might not be warm enough for you to relax outside, it could be the perfect time to get a few things done so when the time comes, you can enjoy.

To Do In March
If you’ve already set your spring home improvement resolutions, March is the time to get started on them, or at least take the first steps. This month, you’ll be prepping your interior and exterior for your summer projects and spring cleaning tasks. Here’s an easy list to remember what you need to do:

1. Clean Your Yard
Once the snow melts and the weather warms up a bit, it’s a good idea to clean up your yard before all the landscaping projects begin. Now, I don’t mean it’s time to cut your grass. But depending on what part of the country you live in, the weather may call for your first cut soon! You’ll need to make sure your yard is free of debris and anything that may get in the way when you start your lawn care routine.

2. Clean Your Deck
A harsh winter can make your deck look worn. Much like your yard, you’ll want to clean your deck this month to prepare it for any updates, like staining, or simply to enjoy as the weather gets warmer. Sweep your deck and consider scrubbing it with a mixture of detergent and water. Use a large scrub brush to wash away any dirt or salt that may have changed the color of your deck. Avoid power washing your deck as that can damage the wood.

3. Inspect Your Roof & Gutters
As icicles begin to melt, you may begin to notice some leaking into your home. Often, homeowners can see it on an exterior-facing wall or in spaces where there may be gaps, such as a window sill. While you may not need to panic quite yet, now is a good time to see if the winter weather has done any damage to your roof or gutters. Once everything has melted, examine gutters to make sure they're free of debris or ice. Check for needed repairs. Once it's warm and dry enough, do the same on your home’s roof, examining any problem areas.

4. Maintain Your Fireplace
Warmer weather means that you’ll likely stop using your fireplace until next season. However, you can’t simply leave it until you’re ready to use it again. You must prepare your fireplace for summer. If you have a fireplace with a pilot light, turn that off as you won’t need it on. By turning it off, you’re saving money on energy bills!

5. Clean Your Garage
Get a jump on your spring cleaning by starting somewhere that I’m certain we all procrastinate. If you use your garage for storage, it’s likely some items have been misplaced over the winter months, making it hard to find the fun outdoor equipment you’ll want to use very soon. Take an afternoon this march and reorganize your garage. It starts by taking everything out and doing a sweep of the floor, getting out any cobwebs and dust that may have built up. Then, begin putting items back in the order you’ll be using them. Stick the holiday décor and snow blower in a place where they won’t get in the way of other seasonal items you’ll need.

6. Prepare Your Air Conditioner
It might seem a little too early to be thinking about the hot weather, but routine air conditioner maintenance can truly be beneficial when the time comes to turn it on. Change the HVAC filter and have your air conditioner inspected by a pro. It’s the perfect time to call because you don’t want to find out you need a repair in the middle of a hot summer!