DIY Home Maintenance Tip - Refrigerator

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DIY Home Maintenance Tip - Refrigerator 

Inspect Refrigerator Seals

You can keep your refrigerator in good shape with some pretty simple maintenance. The first thing to pay attention to is the door seals. If they are loose, the refrigerator will have to work too hard to maintain the right temperature, and will quickly break down.

Try closing the door on a dollar bill or a piece of paper. If you can pull the paper out without tearing it, the seals need to be replaced. You also need to dust or vacuum the coils behind the refrigerator to ensure that the coolant is flowing properly.


Clean Coils In Your Refrigerator:

Depending on your model, the coils are either behind the kickplate or at the rear of the fridge.

Use a shop or handheld vacuum to suck up any loose particles.

Vacuum every 6-12 months.